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A human being is truly an amazing creation! After more than 33 years practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and working with thousands of clients I am still learning new things. Now that Bing’s Natural Health (BnH) has two cosmetic acupuncture specialists, our staff conversations often turn to the topic, and I’ve been learning a great deal from Nadia and Julia.

All of our TCM interventions increase your vitality and natural beauty to some extent simply because of our focus on removing energy blockages and stimulating any organs in your body which may not be functioning at optimum effectiveness. It’s rather like the effect that cleaning your water filters or heating ducts has on the quality and quantity of water or air that flows through them, so it makes sense that an acupuncture session can positively affect your appearance and skin texture, but I never really appreciated the art and science that goes into cosmetic acupuncture.

Work on Your Skin from the Inside-Out

Unlike ordinary skin clinic and beauty treatments that focus largely on surface appearance, cosmetic acupuncture (like all TCM treatments) focuses on improving your skin from the inside out. This results in long-term improvement in the evenness and texture of your skin. Nadia started to focus on this many years ago when her clients (both men and women) started commenting on the observable improvements in their appearance after general acupuncture treatments and asking ‘Why?’  This led her on an intensive study of the courses and literature focusing on this aspect of TCM because she realised that one of the first things everyone sees each morning is a reflection of their own face in the mirror. Bright eyes and clear skin could help them set a positive tone for the day. Julia’s journey was guided by the fact that her native South Korea is one of the groundbreaking sources of cosmetic surgery development with a strong focus on the principles of inner health. Julia has worked in some of the leading cosmetic treatment facilities in South Korea and China and she brings this perspective and experience into BnH.

Teamwork Leads to New Insights and Learning that Serve Our Clients

Both Nadia and Julia are dedicated to improving their skills and knowledge in this area and they are constantly learning from each other and from external sources. Cosmetic acupuncture demands knowledge and understanding of TCM and precision in placing the needles as well as discernment as to which other areas of the body should also be treated in order to enhance your overall wellbeing, as well as your appearance. Chinese herbs and some dietary mofifications are often recommended to further enhance your results.

Clients walk out of their sessions feeling relaxed and their skin feels and looks smoother and more even. They are surprised to discover that they do not have to hibernate for 2-3 days while the redness and swelling goes down because the skin is stimulated both internally and externally rather than being traumatised. I am fascinated by the results I see and hear so many positive comments on these treatments that I am delighted to have both Julia and Nadia offering this service to our clients at BnH.

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