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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupunctureIsn’t Traditional Chinese Medicine About Health and Wellness… So Why Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Well, your skin is the largest organ in your body, and if you are not well, your skin shows it.

A typical cosmetic acupuncture session starts with your practitioner looking closely at your face, and you may find it uncomfortable to have someone staring at you that intensely. Actually, we use the condition of your skin and face in all our diagnoses to help us determine the most effective treatment.

One of the things I like about Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is that it is always about taking a holistic approach to your body’s health and wellness, and in this case, when your body systems are functioning properly, your face follows and your skin is brighter, plumper, and more elastic, the dark circles under your eyes diminish or disappear, and your wrinkles become less noticeable as toxins are cleared, your energy flows more vigorously, and the muscle plumps out beneath them.

Some Tell-Tale Signs on Your Face

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sagging and drooping
  • Dull and dry skin
  • Dark and puffy eyes
  • Pigmentation and dark spots
  • Tension in the face
  • Scarring

We work with your body in order to achieve optimal results in your external appearance

You know those dark circles and puffiness under your eyes? That’s a sign that your kidneys are not properly moving your fluid, so acupuncture at kidney and spleen points on the body will help your energy to move properly and your dark circles and puffiness to recede. Wrinkles are often a sign that your stomach channel (which runs through your face) is not moving energy effectively, so acupuncture at those points not only helps digestion, but also sends energy and goodness to your face. Sagging jowls and skin suggests that your spleen channel needs help to get moving so that it can enrich your blood to nourish your skin and muscles and plump out the fine lines. And breakouts and blemishes may indicate that your large intestine and liver channels need help to move energy and clear out toxins.

That Just Sounds Like Regular Acupuncture…

So far, the only reason we’ve talked about the face is to explain the internal cause of your symptoms, but now we get to the good bit. The tiny acupuncture needles used for cosmetic acupuncture are inserted at the edges of your wrinkles or other problem areas on your face after the main channels in the rest of your body have been stimulated. The precise and correct insertion of the needles tells your body to send extra energy to these specific areas and stimulates a therapeutic healing response.

Strengthening Your Energy

Like most TCM treatments, the effects are cumulative and clients also notice improvements in sleeping habits, moods, and bowel movements. Because cosmetic acupuncture works on the underlying deficiencies you may not see results immediately. Many clients say that after the third or fourth treatment they are hearing comments about how great they are looking (even without make up) and that they are generally feeling better overall.

Start Soon… See Results Later

The best time to start cosmetic acupuncture is now… before your face and body start to show signs of ageing. If you can look ahead ten years and imagine your friends looking wrinkly and haggard, and decide to take care of your face and body now, you’ll see the difference later, and be spared regrets. Cosmetic acupuncture complements your existing skin care and facial regime, as well as your normal TCM treatments. Speak to your practitioner about number and frequency of treatments.

Client Stories

Samantha is a busy professional with a demanding job.  She takes good care of her skin and has regular facials. While we were talking about her original health problem she mentioned that her skin was particularly dry and she had noticed more wrinkles. This fitted in with some of the general health issues she had. We worked on strengthening her spleen and getting her liver energy moving so that her energy would flow better, as well as specific cosmetic acupuncture around the wrinkles. After just one or two treatments her beautician commented how much more elastic and vibrant her skin was looking. Cosmetic acupuncture is now an important element in her ‘me-time’ routines.

John was in his seventies, with deep wrinkles and lines in his face (deep enough for a 5-cent piece to stand up in). He also had some health problems which were related to his skin tone. We focused mostly on getting his energy moving through his body, and also did a lot of needling around the wrinkles. After three treatments the wrinkles were visibly less pronounced and he was generally feeling more energetic and healthier. His comment was, “If only I’d found you guys sooner.”


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