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Constipation is a big subject which is both complex and complicated when one considers all of the available and often conflicting information, medications, side effects, and special supplements. Some sensationalist headlines even talk about the Constipation Crisis!

So, this article will consider just one of many natural approaches, with the intention of gut healing and liver detoxing. This is a diet that may help you get rid of constipation long term and improve your digestion, without using more medications or any kinds of special supplements, to help your body heal itself.

Some of the main factors that can cause constipation are:-

  • Dehydration
  • High toxicity in the body
  • An overburdened liver trying to deal with the toxins and medication residues
  • Neurological fatigue where there is interference with the neuro transmitters and signals between the brain and stomach and intestines

The best constipation medicine to improve your digestion long term without medication and without supplements is a diet change. This three step diet change plan is simple, but not easy, because it addresses your dietary habits. Changing diet habits is never easy because we are all addicted to food which stimulates and nourishes us. The other benefits of this diet include more energy and clearer skin.

If you are serious about your problem, the suggestion is to follow these 3 dietary steps for at least one week, to see any changes and improvements for yourself. Focus on these 3 steps for the next 7 days which will build up and have a compound effect.

1   Digestive Cleansing Morning Routine

Step One. What you do in the morning matters a great deal. For the first one hour of your day (two hours would be better) focus on hydrating your gut, cleansing your digestion and not eating. Drink one warm lemon water(one lemon squeezed into water) and/or one cucumber juice. This also gives the liver and the intestines time to complete the digestive process from the night before. For the first two hours, coffee, black tea and green tea are not allowed, but herbal teas and water are okay.

2   Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods that are low in fat and low in protein

Step Two. Eat foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories, such as fruit and vegetables which naturally contain a high water content. If you can, eating raw is recommended for fibre, vitamins, minerals and nutrients which will help your gut to restore itself and your liver to rebuild. Even though high protein, healthy fat diets are popular, the suggestion is to try this alternative diet for seven days.

3   Avoid Eating Four Common Foods

Step Three. This is probably the most challenging. Leave these four common foods out of your diet for one week – eggs, all dairy products, gluten, and processed foods. Processed foods run the risk of messing up your entire internal chemistry and are not helpful for improving your body.

The theory is that over the years there has been a build-up and accumulation of toxic waste, and pathogens such as bacteria and viruses in our bodies. The theory says that eggs, dairy products, gluten and processed foods (while not necessarily harmful in and of themselves) now feed these pathogens and help the pathogens to get stronger. The body then reacts to the highly toxic waste excreted by the pathogens. Just a big disclaimer – there is no conclusive scientific proof for this theory. So, you will have to try this diet and feel the difference at the end of the week.

At stated at the beginning of this article this three step diet change plan is simple, but not easy, because there are some big changes here. So the suggestion is to start off by doing it for just seven days to get the results, and then keep going with it once you know that it really works.

Continuing on with this natural approach, the NCBI website has an article on “Acupuncture for patients with chronic functional constipation

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