We all know that the health of both parents is an important factor in conception, pregnancy and childbirth. So let’s talk about how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help you at every stage…

Conception:  Lifestyle, stress, diet and exercise can all affect a couple’s ability to conceive. The good news is that TCM (particularly  acupuncture  and  herbs) can also dramatically improve your chances of conception by balancing hormones, stress-response, and energy in both partners. Many IVF clinics encourage couples to seek TCM treatment to support their IVF intervention and we work closely with them – in some cases your doctor will advise against herbs, and we respect that. Even though a woman’s eggs are fully formed by puberty, the length and quality of her menstrual period can be regulated via TCM to promote a healthy environment for the fertilised egg to implant, and balancing her stress levels is also vital.

Since men produce new sperm every 74 days, TCM can dramatically affect the quality of their sperm in a short time, and this improves the changes of fertilisation and the health of the baby.

Pregnancy: Normally we like to see clients every week throughout their 1st trimester. TCM helps balance emotions and hormones and this promotes the health of both mother and baby. During the second trimester, regular visits may become less frequent, although most of our IVF clients continue coming because of the emotional and health benefits TCM provides.

Childbirth: We usually recommend regular acupuncture during the 3rd trimester (every 2 weeks) as this strengthens their kidney energy, and raises overall energy. Keeping your energy up in this way generally supports the pregnancy. helping you carry the baby to term, and it even helps to promote an easier delivery.