Combination Massage

Bing’s Natural Health is quite unique in offering a combination massage treatment including massage, plus a Traditional Chinese Medicine modality such as  acupuncture,  cupping  or  moxibustion.   Many Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners are only trained in one modality whereas all of our practitioners are competent in several modalities. The combination treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the hands-on effects of massage gives our practitioners the flexibility to diagnose more accurately and achieve better results than we could if we just used massage by itself.

It’s interesting how our different practitioners attract different clients because massage is a particularly personal treatment. If you haven’t tried a combination massage session, talk to your practitioner on your next visit.

All of the practitioners at Bing’s Natural Health are trained and experienced in hands-on-work like massage and other therapeutic techniques, so you can receive the full benefits of combining therapies when you visit us.

Combining Treatments Helps Diagnosis: At our clinic we offer clients the option of combining treatments. When we start by massaging your sore knee, for example, we can find exactly where the soreness is, and where the pain originates.

This means that later in your session when we use acupuncture in exactly the right places, the massage has already softened the tissue and opened energy channels, so that the effect of the acupuncture is heightened.

Common Combinations: The basis of the treatment is massage because of its powerful therapeutic effects on almost every condition. After all, the more freely energy is flowing to every organ in your body, the more efficiently they do their job.

Massage is most commonly combined with moxibustioncupping, and acupuncture. These cause the tissues to relax, help the energy to flow more vigorously and speed the body’s own healing processes.

Saving Time: Combination massage sessions usually last for 1 hour or more, although they can be done in 45 minutes if necessary. This may seem like a long time for a session. However, if you were coming to us for massage and then perhaps going elsewhere for something like physio, you would have to add more waiting time, and travel time; not to mention the extra stress and expense that involves.

The Real Benefits of Combining Therapies: Your real benefit doesn’t come from the time or money you save, but from the deeper relaxation and healing you experience. The effect of combining treatments is cumulative – your body releases more tension, and that intensifies the healing you experience.


Client Story:

Chronic pain in shoulders, hips, or other joints is common – even for people in their 30’s. Combination massage therapy is a very powerful solution.

Andy had been seeing a physiotherapist on and off for several years because of his shoulder pain. It would flare up, and then subside for a while, but now he felt that he was developing frozen shoulder, and the idea of cortisone injections didn’t appeal to him.

He was a regular client at our clinic, and one day he asked if there was anything we could do to help his shoulder. As he described his symptoms we realised that one of the problems was that every time the physio massaged the joint, bruising appeared on the surface.

We suggested that combining acupuncture with massage could provide substantial relief without the bruising. In his case, the needles were used first because we were able to pinpoint exactly where the source of the problem was.

Andy had previously found massage excruciatingly painful because of the movement, but the needles went straight to the source of the problem and started to dissipate the blockage while Andy relaxed.

After the relaxing acupuncture session, which encouraged the release of toxins rather than force them out, the massage left Andy feeling much better.