Pain! We all experience it – usually when it’s least convenient. But what do you do when it strikes?

Is Your Work a Pain in the Back?

Sam works in his own retail business. It demands long hours on his feet, plenty of lifting and carrying, and comes with lots of stress.

It was relatively easy to relieve the symptoms that brought him here, but Traditional Chinese Medicine is about looking for the underlying causes of pain, and treating them.

In Sam’s case that was relatively easy too – years of stress and standing have depleted his body’s store of trace elements as well as damaged his joints. In addition to acupuncture and some stretching exercises he does each day, Sam also takes a customised Chinese herbs mixture that provides the specific nutrients he needs to replenish.
Some Things Are Not What They Seem…

Monica had suffered severe headaches and dizziness for years, she’d seen doctors, physios and even had an MRI to rule out any nasty problems. No-one could find anything wrong, yet the headaches were real – and very debilitating.

She came into the clinic almost as a last resort bringing her medical records (and her despair) with her. Because I’ve seen this kind of issue many times before, I could guess that the real problem lay in her neck and shoulders, rather than in her skull, and her history confirmed this.

It was quite clear that a stressful office environment plus a hectic lifestyle was part of the problem, so after my usual diagnostic examination I did some acupuncture and prescribed some herbs.

Monica walked out of the clinic without re-booking, but called that same afternoon to thank me for my magical treatment. She comes in fortnightly to maintain her health and fight off the effects of her busy lifestyle, but the severe headaches and dizziness are a thing of the past.