Client Stories for preconception and postpartum health.

Since fertility is a very personal and sensitive issue all names have been altered in the following stories. We hope these stories help you understand your fertility and health better.

Stress, Irregular Periods, and Preconception Treatment

Sarah and her partner were keen to conceive, but had been trying for several months without success. When Sarah came to us she was stressed and anxious on many levels – busy at work, frustrated that the months were passing and she wasn’t pregnant, and worried that she would never have a child because her periods were irregular.

With a course of acupuncture and a personalised mix of Chinese herbs she is now sleeping well, feeling more relaxed, eating better – and her periods are becoming more regular. She is confident that she will conceive naturally now that her health and life are more balanced.

Postnatal Detox and Lactation

Pregnancy and birth may be a natural part of life, but they definitely take a toll on your body! So there is a very real need to take care of your postpartum health.

Jane was having trouble producing enough milk, had lost her sense of smell and taste, as well as her appetite, and was constantly exhausted.

It was clear that her body needed to detoxify before her milk supply would increase, and we were anxious for her baby not to become too dependent on formula.

After 2 weeks of treatment with acupuncture and medicinal herbs her appetite has returned, she is able to taste food again, and enjoy the smell of her newborn. Her energy has increased and she is feeling better on every level.

Even more exciting, her milk supply has dramatically increased and mother and baby are both thriving.