Alice Louey – your Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

As people we are more than just our bodies – our body, mind, and emotional are all woven together in a complex fabric that makes each of us unique. Your Chinese medicine practitioner is very aware of this.

“ What I love about practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it gets results for my clients!”

That is why your Chinese Medicine practitioner asks so many questions. We can see things in your eyes, nails, and tongue that give us clues to what is going on inside, but then we want to confirm our findings and uncover the root cause.

When we use herbs or acupuncture, we’re not just addressing your body’s ailments, we’re also balancing your emotions to help you find greater health.

This is also why we strongly recommend that you visit the clinic even when you are feeling fine so that you can achieve a greater degree of health than you ever imagined was possible, and so that you can build up your reserves against future physical, mental and emotional challenges.

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