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Chinese Massage

What is Traditional Chinese Massage?

or Tuina (pronounced twee-nya)

Tuina - Chinese MassageMost people have experienced the sense of relaxation and well-being that comes after a good massage.  But Chinese Massage (or Tuina) is a little different and has larger goals than simply making you feel relaxed. Tuina is a special form of acupressure therapy that combines Chinese Taoist spiritual yoga principles, with martial art injury healing and energy abilities, to allow your body to reach a place of harmony and balance. Like acupuncture, Chinese massage uses the meridian system of the body to treat a similar range of health problems.

Your therapist will start by learning about your general health and lifestyle from your health questionnaire and then ask further questions to determine the specific massage techniques needed as well as any combined therapies that may be effective.


Why Chinese Massage (or Tuina)?

Tuina is primarily focussed on balancing the energy pathways or meridians of the body. The purpose of Chinese Massage is to release the body’s innate ability to restore itself by improving circulation, relieving tension, enhancing muscle tone and mental alertness, and may help to relieve the symptoms of pain and stiffness. This helps your body to release the physical, mental and emotional toxins and stresses that are damaging your health.


How Does Chinese Massage (or Tuina) Work?

By applying pressure to specific points on the body, Chinese Massage (or Tuina) not only works on your muscles and joints, but also stimulates the flow vital Qi life energy in the body at a deep meridian level. This releases your energy and usually leaves patients feeling invigorated and happy.  However, sometimes when a lot of emotional tension is present you will feel overwhelmed and may be weepy with a rush of pent-up emotions.  Light rest usually is all that is needed to restore your equilibrium.

Bing’s Natural Health also offers  Shiatsu Massage, Pregnancy Massage, and  Combination Massage  in addition to traditional Chinese Massage. Please follow the above links to learn more about what these different types of massage can do for you.


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