– Alice Louey

Chinese herbs are very different to vitamin supplementation!

From ancient times, in both the East and the West, herbs were recognised as powerful sources of healing and wise medical practitioners sought to understand their dangers, benefits, and uses. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses herbs to treat specific symptoms and conditions as well as treating the root cause of your disease. They can rebalance your system so that it becomes stronger and healthier.

Vitamin supplements may address deficiencies when your diet is inadequate.

Benefits of Adding Chinese Herbs to Your Treatment

The Chinese herbs your practitioner prescribes help you to achieve a faster result compared with acupuncture treatments alone. The use of individualised herbal granule formulas allows your practitioner to create a personalised formula that is able to be altered as your body heals and your symptoms diminish. It is important to discuss your symptoms with your practitioner and not just ‘grab a bottle off the shelf’.

Chinese Herbs are medicine, not supplements – and, like any medicine they only work if you actually take them

Your prescribed herbs will:-

  • Deeply nourish your body
  • Help your body cope with stress
  • Rebalance your body and boost energy
  • Improve your sleep, digestion, and skin issues
  • Boost your immunity
  • Improve chronic conditions

Some of the many conditions that respond particularly well to Chinese herbal medicine include:- colds and flu; post-viral fatigue; lingering cough; digestive issues; stress-induced symptoms; sleep issues; skin conditions; menstrual pain and fertility issues for men and women.

Your registered  TCM practitioner has been specifically trained to use Chinese herbs at a tertiary education level.  Chinese herbs are powerful and effective medicines and your practitioner has a deep understanding of phyto-pharmacology (use of plants as medicinals), herb-drug interactions and contra-indications, plus western biomedical knowledge. This is why it is important never to self-prescribe any Chinese herbal formulas based on the descriptions on the label, and to tell your practitioner about any other medications or supplements that you are taking.
Chinese Herbal Medicine Client Stories

Chinese herbs for colds, stress and eczema…

Susan came to Bing’s Natural Health with a cold, congested sinuses, sore throat, headache, and a cough.  I gave her acupuncture to open up her sinuses, ease her congestion and cough, clear her headache, and help her body fight off the pathogen. Immediately Susan noticed that she could breathe through her nose, her headache was gone and she was coughing less frequently.  I prescribed some Chinese herbal pills, and Chinese herbal cough syrup along with rest and some dietary suggestions.  The following week Susan reported that her cold was gone and (unlike most of her colleagues) she had no lingering cough.

Rebecca is a university student in her early 20’s. She has had chronic eczema since childhood, but it had recently flared up and she was feeling overwhelmed. Hot, itchy, inflamed skin, and stress made her irritable and unproductive.  We started a series of acupuncture treatments and I prescribed some Chinese herbal granule formulae.  Rebecca noticed a big improvement after her first acupuncture session.  As part of her eczema management plan we discussed skin management, stress management, and some cooling dietary changes. During the first week of taking Chinese herbal medicine, Rebecca noticed a big reduction in the itchiness and inflammation of her eczema.  
As her eczema healed we changed to a maintenance protocol. She is now armed with self-care techniques to help her maintain her skin condition, knowledge of what to do if it flares up again, and awareness of the role of stress as a trigger.