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Chinese herbs are very different to vitamin supplementation!

From ancient times, in both the East and the West, herbs were recognised as powerful sources of healing and wise medical practitioners sought to understand their dangers, benefits, and uses. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses herbs to treat specific symptoms and conditions as well as treating the root cause of some disease. They can rebalance your system so that it becomes stronger and healthier.

Vitamin supplements may address deficiencies when your diet is inadequate.

Benefits of Chinese Herbs

The Chinese herbs your practitioner prescribes may help you to achieve a faster result compared with acupuncture treatments alone. The use of individualised herbal granule formulas allows your practitioner to create a personalised formula that is able to be altered as your body heals and your symptoms diminish. It is important to discuss all of your ongoing symptoms with your practitioner, no matter how trivial.

Chinese Herbs are medicine, not supplements – and, like any medicine they only work if you actually take them.
Which sometimes turns out to be one of the biggest issues for some clients, to actually remember to take their herbs regularly, as prescribed.

Your prescribed herbs may:-

  • Deeply nourish your body
  • Help your body cope with stress
  • Rebalance your body and energy

Your registered TCM practitioner has been specifically trained to use Chinese herbs at a tertiary education level, and your practitioner has a deep understanding of phyto-pharmacology (use of plants as medicinals), herb-drug interactions and contra-indications, plus western biomedical knowledge. This is why it is important never to self-prescribe any Chinese herbal formulas based on the descriptions on the label, and to tell your practitioner about any other medications or supplements that you are taking.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are generally considered to be safe in the hands of a well-trained practitioner, but occasionally (as with all health treatments) may be associated with possible adverse reactions in individual cases.