Children respond incredibly quickly to treatment. This is probably because their energy hasnt been blocked by the stresses of life and years of bad habits. Keeping those energy channels unblocked will help your child experience better health and greater happiness so dont wait until they are sick. Children and Traditional Chinese Medicine are a great combination.

Acupuncture and Children:  As you know we use acupuncture to treat many problems because it unblocks your energy and allows your body to heal itself.

There are some important differences between treating children and adults with acupuncture. The main thing you’ll notice is that we don’t leave the needles in the skin. We simply touch the point and then remove the needle. This is effective because a child’s energy is usually easily stimulated.

Laser Acupuncture:  Although traditional acupuncture with needles is the best choice for adults (even those who don’t like needles are surprised when they try it and find it is painless), laser acupuncture is just as effective as regular acupuncture in children so we often use this instead.

Other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Treatments for Children:  We have herbal tinctures and granules specially formulated for children, so if you are thinking of your own herbal formulas, don’t worry. Our children’s formulas have a slightly sweet taste and most children get used to it quickly.

What Conditions Can TCM Be Used for in Children?  Apart from using TCM to maintain your child’s general health and protect their immune system, TCM is very powerful for relieving chronic eczema and earache – two very common problems which make children (and their parents) miserable!

I love seeing the wide smile from my patients after just one or two treatments, and hearing reports from their parents about the changes in their mood and behaviour.