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Solving Problems with Movies

Solving Problems with Movies

Staff Spotlight – Nadia Gazzi

Nadia GazziSolving Problems

I love watching movies. Not your average box office hits (which is why I rarely go to the movie theatre), and no action movies or standard sci-fi, but alternative movies that make you think and ask questions about life, reality, and WHAT IF… and challenge the identification and problem-solving skills that are an integral part of any health professional’s skill. I am also a fan of kids movies as they can contain some giggle-worthy quotes. Otherwise I love my reality tv. I’m not embarrassed, but MKR is a favourite.


Some Recent Favourites

‘Annihilation’ is about a group of scientists sent to complete a project to identify what is happening in the ‘Shimmer’ and determine how to destroy it or use it to benefit society. ‘Mother’ is a story about a famous author and his wife and the people who visit them and trash the house. I don’t want to spoil the ending of either, but they are typical of the movies that I enjoy in which different perspectives are explored and complex problems examined.


Solving Problems In the Clinic…

Every client is unique and my goal is to use my Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) knowledge to diagnose your problem (and your desire for better health and energy) and address it, by taking into account your situation and desired outcomes. Our bodies, minds and emotions are very closely linked and it’s rewarding to find the right solution.

Pressure Points to Relieve Discomfort and Tension

Pressure Points to Relieve Discomfort and Tension

The sheer simplicity of these exercises may make them useful for alleviating the symptoms of hay fever, headaches and tension.

Pressure Points to Relieve Pain and TensionThe following pressure points may be helpful to manage the discomfort and tension of hay fever and headaches without drugs. Hydration is also an essential part of alleviating many conditions and supporting your immune system and general well-being.

.Hayfever Relief:

  1. Place a- forefinger on either side of the nose just where your eyebrows start at the top of the nose and press upwards gently toward the skull. Press firmly as you take 5 deep breaths in and out slowly.  


Pressure Points to Relieve Pain and Tension



  1. Press your forefinger firmly on the outside of each nostril in the little hollow where your nostrils meet the cheek line that leads to the outside of your mouth.  Hold while you count to 5. Repeat 3 times. 




Pressure Points to Relieve Pain and TensionHeadache Relief:


  1. Find the Third Eye point between your eyebrows and gently massage up toward the hairline for 3-5 minutes. This is really nice if someone else provides the massage and is a lovely gift to give a friend, but can easily be done for yourself. 



Pressure Points to Relieve Pain and Tension

  1. Press firmly on the soft tissue at the base of your neck with one finger or thumb on either side of the spinal cord and hold for 5-10 breaths. When you release the pressure you may feel slightly dizzy. This is a sign that energy is being moved.   


Pressure Points to Relieve Pain and Tension








Release Tension to Alleviate Discomfort:

While sitting and working, place a tennis ball under each foot and roll it firmly backwards and forwards. Adjust the pressure to suit. This is for alleviating tension build up and the resulting discomfort.


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Building Reserves for hard times

Building Reserves for hard times

Conditioning and Building Reserves

reservesAlmost every year, my partner and I spend Easter with his father on the farm in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. I love getting outdoors, having time to read, write and reflect on life, and I love being around the cattle. It’s always a refreshing and invigorating trip, whether I’m giving hay to the cattle, repairing fences, or mostly resting and relaxing like this year.

The past twelve months were pretty hectic for me with lots of changes in the clinic and home, lots of new ideas to implement and projects to accomplish and always the focus on fulfilling our vision of being Melbourne’s leading TCM-only multi-practitioner clinic, so I was glad of a chance to build up my reserves over this week away.

I learn a lot at the farm and especially this year. Many of the neighbouring farms had to sell large numbers of cattle because there is no grass for them to eat due to the very dry prolonged weather.  We were fortunate because the cattle were in great shape at the start of summer, plus there was also a large reserve of hay in the sheds to continue feeding them during this lean time.

You may wonder how this relates to you? Well, like the farm and the cattle, if you don’t have reserves then when anything extra occurs, you will really suffer. You may even collapse in a heap, which is not a good outcome for anyone.

We really need to listen to our body (the totality of our being: mind, body, heart, and spirit) regularly so that we know when our reserves in any area are depleted and need to be topped up. It’s one of the things that all our practitioners help you do. However, it’s also good practice to schedule time regularly to build those reserves and make sure they stay topped up. In TCM, winter is the time to build reserves of every type and to focus particularly on ensuring that when spring comes we are ready to produce flowers and fruit of every good type.

The food you eat and the care you take of yourself in every aspect will show up in your next season – either in good ways or bad, depending on how well you nurture and care for yourself in the winter. I really encourage you to listen to your body and then take action to build your reserves, as well as finding healthy ways of pampering your whole person.


Whispa Wellness Yoga & Massage

Whispa Wellness Yoga & Massage

Are you looking after yourself mentally, physically and emotionally?

Whispa WellnessWhispa Wellness uses a combination of vinyasa yoga & massage in small classes where you receive personal attention to nurture all three of these aspects every single session. After taking care of yourself, you are then ready to engage more fully with your family, relationships and life.

Both massage and yoga improve flexibility, posture, breathing and circulation. In combination, they are even more powerful. When you release tension and strengthen your muscles, your mind and nervous system become more resilient and relaxed and this can alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Proper breathing techniques also contribute to mental clarity, focus, and the ability to face everyday challenges.

When your emotions get stuck in your body you feel pain and tension. You may not realise that the tension you hold in your shoulders, neck and upper back after a long day, as well as that stiffness in your hips and lower back is linked to negative emotions and energy blocks that keep you feeling emotionally tired even after a night’s sleep. However, the combination of massage and yoga (in which every posture is designed to release energy from a certain chakra) leads to a feeling of release and well-being.

If you would like to learn more about chakras and yoga [go to here]   

Whispa Wellness’s unique classes are intentionally small so that every student gets personal instruction and some massage. We cater to men and women of all levels of practice who share the goals of increasing flexibility, mindfulness, releasing tension, and improving their practice.

You can learn more about our general and targeted classes by booking online here.

Or… Join us for a Restorative Yoga & Massage Mini Retreat’ where you can experience all of the yumminess that we offer. You can book here.

Lisa Gatt, is the founder of Whispa Wellness, Certified Yoga Instructor and Licensed Remedial Massage Therapist.

Whispa Wellness

Kitchen Experiments with Alice

Kitchen Experiments with Alice

Kitchen ExperimentsKitchen Experiments

We are what we eat. This is why I have such a fascination with different dietary habits and eating plans. I love to experience the effects of different foods and eating styles on my mood, energy, and performance. Last year my partner and I went on a super low-carb diet – partly to help him lose weight. That is working really well for him, but I found that it doesn’t provide me with the energy I need… and I think this is really IMPORTANT: our bodies are all different and have specific different requirements so we need to listen to the signals our own body sends us.

Playing with Flours

Low-carb is all very well, and works great for many people. However, I have been playing with paleo alternatives which are more nutrient dense, which give me more mental and physical energy. The challenge is to discover how recipes react to these different flour types. I’ve had a lot of success with green banana flour and tigernut flour (which are used in the Crunchy Seed Crackers (gluten-free) recipe). Both of these contain resistant starches with higher nutrient values. Tigernut flour also has pre-biotic starches which are said to feed the good bacteria in the gut)

A Sad Failure…

I was so excited by some of my other kitchen experiments that I tried a muffin recipe using cassava flour. Those muffins looked superb when I removed them from the oven: golden brown and they smelled amazing! Then I cut into one…It was glumpy and gooey on the inside. I returned these muffins into the oven and checked every 10 minutes until they were charred on the outside. Again when I cut into one it was still gooey inside. I even tried letting them cool and then microwaved one to see if that would help to save them. Sadly, the whole batch had to go into the bin.…

If you find a cassava flour recipe and try it, and it works, please send it to me here at the Bing’s Natural Health clinic so I can use up the rest of my cassava flour.

Yogi Teas

Yogi Teas

Yogi TeasBings’ Natural Health is proud to stock a selection of Yogi Teas’ delicious caffeine-free herbal tea bags which promote individual well-being. Yogi teas are a quality product based on the Indian philosophy of Ayurveda which dates back some 3,000 years.

The teas use selected certified organic herbs and spices which are essential for the purity and unique flavours, to give an incomparable aroma. Organic farming methods help to preserve the earth because it is a natural and sustainable approach to farming.

There is a range of different teas which may be used to boost immunity, assist sleep, comfort sore throats, relieve stress, and provide other support. The teas are mildly therapeutic and can safely be enjoyed whenever you choose, just because they are delicious.

As well as being good for you, each Yogi tea has a beautiful inspirational saying…