Poo, Poop, Stools and Bowel Movements

Poo, Poop, Stools and Bowel Movements


Waste-full … or Not?

We all do it, but it’s one of  those topics no one ever talks about… and when we do, we skip over it as quickly as possible. In this article, though, we’re going to take a quick look at poo – In fact, I suggest you do this quite literally, because a quick look in the toilet might tell you a lot, and no one will ever know!

What is Normal?  Normal frequency varies from person to person. For some people it’s 1-2 times per day, for others every 2 days is normal. It should be formed, medium-brown, and log-like.

Everybody Poos:  Men, women, kids, babies … It’s your body’s way of getting rid of toxic waste and if your body can’t get rid of that waste then you will experience symptoms like tummy pains and swelling. If you can’t get rid of the toxins they stay in your intestines getting more and more concentrated and your body might even start reabsorbing them, which is terrible for your health.

Solving Your Poo Problems:  If your routine changes for a while and you begin to feel uncomfortable and/or bloated, you can try to drink more water, increase your fibre intake and do more exercise. This may help to get you back into a routine. Traditional Chinese Medicine also has some very effective methods to help your body re-regulate which include  cupping,  herbs,  acupuncture,  and  massage. These treatments work to resolve both diarrhoea and constipation as well as more complex issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS).

Does What I Eat Affect My Poo?  If you have IBS or a similar condition you may find that your problems are directly related to certain foods. It’s not always a question of ‘bad’ foods – many people who eat very healthily (lots of fruit and vegetables etc.) have problems. It can be caused by stress (even stress over food), so relaxation can definitely help. It can also be caused by eating the wrong foods for your body type (eg. too much cold and raw salad when your body type is cold). Talk to your practitioner about your poo – the chances are they can help to make you more comfortable.

Eye Exercises to Strengthen Your Eyes

Eye Exercises to Strengthen Your Eyes

by Bing Qian

These eye exercises used to be an essential part of every day at school and with the amount of time we all spend staring at screens our eyes need special care. Ideally you’d spend 10 minutes doing these eye exercises at least once each day, but 5 minutes is better than nothing.

Pressure Points
These are gentle exercises to be done slowly, with your eyes closed. Each hand circles inwards toward the centre of your face, and the pressure is gentle.

Eye ExercisesIn the first 3 exercises you do 8 sets of 8 circles.


Exercise #1:

Place your forefingers on either side of your nose between your eyes (as shown on the right) and roll them gently over the pressure point in 8 sets of 8;


Eye ExercisesExercise #2:

Your fingers should be placed 2-finger widths from your nose, below your eye bone, then roll them gently over the pressure point in 8 sets of 8;


Eye Exercises


Exercise #3:

Place your fingers on your forehead to stabilise your hand and roll your thumbs gently on your the inside point of the eyebrow at the bone pressing firmly.  Do 8 sets of 8 circles;


Eye ExercisesExercise #4:

With your thumbs on your temple to support your hands, press the joint of your index finger closest to the knuckle on your brow bone and smooth it gently around your eye socket counting to 4 slowly twice – once as you roll across the top of your eye, and again as you roll around the bottom. Do 8 sets.



These simple eye exercises reduce eye-strain and improve energy flow and perception through the brain – something we can all use!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if some of the pressure points are sore or painful?

This could mean many things, so you need to visit your practitioner to clear this issue.



7-Day Gentle Liver Cleanse

7-Day Gentle Liver Cleanse

by Alice Louey

Now that the festive season is over (including Chinese New Year) and everyone is back to their usual work or school routines after the holidays, it’s a good time to actively cleanse and detox our bodies.  Yes, your body does detox all the time via the normal biochemical processes of the liver and kidneys; but by reducing the amount of junk/processed foods that go into our body, we can aid the process. This gentle 7-day liver cleanse program may be of benefit when done periodically, in early spring or after a period of indulging in heavy rich foods or when feeling too hot (or toxic)

N.B. This liver cleanse is great for people who have ‘heat’ symptoms, but if you always feel cold and have low energy I recommend you talk to your practitioner about an alternative regime more suited to your body type.

This 7-day program gently eases you into and out of the liver cleanse on day 4 by including lots of simple and easy to digest foods. If you launch straight into Day 4 you will experience headaches from caffeine withdrawal, hunger pangs and a huge drop in energy. so I strongly recommend that you follow this program which is taken from  “Chinese Medicine for Maximum Immunity: Understanding the five elemental types of health & well-being”  J. Elias & K. Ketcham (1998) Three Rivers Press, New York, NY p36


Dietary Program
Days 1 & 2Eat as much steamed, raw or juiced fruits & vegetables as you want, spiced to taste;

Use cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil as dressing

Plus at least 2 cups of special lemonade

Day 3Drink as much Fruit Juice & water as you want

Plus 4 cups of special lemonade

Day 4

Liver Cleanse

Drink as much Water as you want

Plus at least 4 cups of special lemonade;

Before bed take 2 tablespoons of cold pressed olive oil followed by a cup of special lemonade

Day 5Drink as much Fruit Juice & water as you want

Plus 4 cups of special lemonade

Days 6 & 7Eat as much steamed, raw or juiced Fruits & Vegetables as you want, spiced to taste;

use cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil as dressing

Plus at least 2 cups of special lemonade


Special Lemonade Recipe: (makes one cup)

1 cup filtered water

juice of one lemon or lime

1/10 teaspoon (or less) cayenne pepper powder

1-2 tablespoons 100% maple syrup

NB: you will need at least 21 cups for the whole 7 day liver cleanse program

Additional Daily directions:

  • Drink 8 glasses of fresh filtered water
  • Take a bulking laxative, 1 heaped teaspoon twice a day dissolved in water (eg. Yerba Prima’s organic Daily Fibre Powder; or crushed psyllium seeds & husks)
  • 20-30 minutes gentle aerobic exercise (eg a brisk walk, gentle bike ride, swimming)
  • Avoid alcohol & caffeine during this 7-day program as both of these are processed by your liver
  • You will have a low energy day on Day 4, so plan for an easy day.

 Detoxing DOES make a difference

Joy in the small things

Joy in the small things

by Bing Qian

After a busy year focusing on others with work, travel, family health problems, Wayne spending time in South Australia with his dad, a visit from my sister with her family from China and lots of other smaller things… What a busy year!  I found myself depleted and rather short of energy and enthusiasm.

One of the really important things I do each New Year is to sit down and evaluate what I’ve been doing, how I’m feeling, and what is going on. It’s one of those practices that we should all do more often, but it tends to get crowded out of our lives by general busy-ness. Evaluating our activities is a bit like detoxing, and of course, last month I talked about emotional detoxing, so this month is about clearing out activities that no longer serve us so we have space to appreciate and take joy in the small things in life.

As I looked at things that have crept into my life over the past year I realised that many of them aren’t necessary useful and don’t give me much pleasure. They are things I started doing to avoid confrontations that were not really helping others, but also keeping me from achieving  results that are important to me – like planning for my business, enjoying my family, and taking care of my physical, mental, and emotional health…

It’s so easy to let this happen! I guess it’s like the dust that accumulates in your home little by little.  We don’t notice it until it has built up.

thingsI had quite a lot of built up commitments that weren’t really serving me. So, what have I done? Well, I  did some serious weeding out of activities and responsibilities. Do you know what? I was really worried about saying, “I can’t do that any more,” to some people, but when I said it things were actually okay. It reminded me that I’m not indispensable – none of us are.

In fact, I’ve been enjoying our new twin kittens and knitting toys for them. I like knitting, but it’s been ages since I made the time to do it. It gives me great joy to watch the kittens pouncing on their knitted mice, and playing with sunbeams as well. I think I’m going to make activity purging a quarterly activity rather than an annual one … to see if I can keep the weeds out of my life and make space for new things of beauty and joy to bloom.


Detoxing DOES Make a Difference!

Detoxing DOES Make a Difference!

Client Story

I’ve noticed that women are more open to the idea of detoxing than men. I think this is because women are more aware of their general health and they notice when they are feeling toxic after a period of over indulging.

Jessie, an accountant in her mid-30s, came to me for her regular acupuncture shortly after Christmas. During our session she mentioned that she had got back into her regular routine of healthy eating and exercise, but she was still feeling the effects of a busy month of festive social functions – too much rich food, alcohol and not enough sleep. She was feeling hot all day, and her skin started breaking out in pimples, which was quite unusual for her.

I suggested she try a gentle cooling liver cleanse to take a load off her liver and give it a chance to catch up after all the extra stress it had been under over the summer. When she came back 4-weeks later for her next treatment, she was ecstatic at the detoxing results.

She said it had been a challenging 7-days and she was glad she had followed my advice to organise her week so that Day 4 of the detoxing fell on a Saturday because she felt very tired when she was just drinking the special lemonade. The first few days she had a low-grade headache from caffeine withdrawal.

However, she was glad she stuck it out, because after Day 4 she felt great, no longer feeling hot, and her skin had cleared up.  She felt more in control of her diet and health with fewer cravings (especially for sweet treats).  She noticed the natural sweetness that fruits and veggies have, and processed foods with  added sugar tasted too sweet for her. It was as though her taste buds had been reset and she was able to eat more mindfully and healthily.

7-Day Gentle Liver Cleanse

Making Healthy Habits Part of Life

Making Healthy Habits Part of Life


Take the stress out of your day by turning choices into healthy habits.

Think about all the habits you already have: you brush your teeth twice a day, take the same route to work, have a selection of meals you regularly make. Habits are actions you do every day without thinking because you have done them the same way over and over, and anything you do automatically saves you effort and will-power.

Relying on will-power alone is not the answer to implementing lasting changes.  The best way to adopt changes into your life is to think of them as healthy habits to include into your regular routine. You only have a finite amount of will-power. So, if you are using your will-power to help you eat and exercise properly you won’t have any to spare for things like working late into the night to meet that deadline, waking early for a morning meeting or to catch that early flight.

It only takes 21 days to implement a new healthy habit and then it becomes effortlessly part of your everyday routine.

Two important pieces of advice:

  1. Your new healthy habits are more likely to stick if you implement one new thing at a time, so start with one or two healthy habits and establish them first, then move on to the next one;
  2. If you skip a day don’t beat yourself up about it, just start again the following day (or as soon as possible).

What healthy habits are you going to implement? One of mine is mediation.