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Bing’s Things

_WWW5727What are  “Bing’s Things” ?

Many of you suggested that it was hard to find some of the Chinese herbs from our monthly newsletter recipes in small quantities – so we’ve put together the correct mixes for some of our favourite soups and teas. These are “Bing’s Things” and are available over the counter from the clinic.


IMG_20160617_150731_HDR (1)Eye Brightening Tea
For looking after your eyes, including tired and over used eyes that have been looking at a computer screen for too long.
Simply empty into a teapot, fill with hot water, and brew for 2 minutes before drinking
Ingredients:   goji berries, chrysanthemum bulb, honey baked liquorice



                                        Red Date Calming Tea
Ingredients:   chinese red dates, goji berries
Optional: add red tea or herbal berry tea


IMG_20160617_145749_HDRGan Mai Da Zao Tang – “Feel the Harmony in your Heart – Happy Tea”
Ingredients:   fu xiao mai, gan cao, dao zao (contains wheat and honey)
For symptoms of stress, anxiety, worry, moodiness and restless sleep.
Preparation involves soaking the herbs for 20 minutes and then boiling for 30 minutes.




IMG_20160617_145640_HDRGiu Zhi Tang – “Cinnamon Twig Decoction”
Ingredients:   gui zhi, bai shao, zhi gan cao, da zao (contains honey)
Add 3 or 4 slices of fresh ginger when cooking
For alleviating symptoms of the common cold, where the main symptoms are chills with body aches, slight fever, aversion to drafts, stiffness and a possible loss of appetite.




Immunity Boosting SoupBody Boosting Soup
This Chinese herbal soup is a great way to warm the digestion and support and balance your body. Since digestive issues can interfere with your sleep, it can also improve sleep.
For example, you can enjoy this soup throughout winter to support your body, promote general health and reduce the symptoms of winter ailments.
You can also have this soup three times per week during a cold or flu to help speed up recovery, reduce fatigue and strengthen your body constiution.
Ingredients:   fu ling, corn silk, huang qi, lotus seeds, Chinese dates, chen pi, shitake mushrooms, chao yi yi ren

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