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Starting and Finishing Well

“Starting strong is good, finishing strong is EPIC.” ~ Robin Sharma.

bigger visionAs I mentioned last month, February saw the start of the Chinese Year of the Dog: social, enthusiastic, and exuberant. The Dog loves starting things…finishing them – not so much. Here at Bing’s Natural Health(BnH) we are committed to not only starting this year with a bigger vision for serving our clients than ever before, but also to finishing the year with a long list of how we did that. And then an even bigger vision for how to keep improving in 2019.

What does that mean for our clients? First, you’ll notice our new-look reception and waiting area designed to be both restful and educational. We’ve moved the prescription herbs out into a staff-only area, and given you more interesting things to look at. Second, we’d really like you to provide feedback about your experience so we can keep making it better. Third, … well, we kind of hope you won’t notice the third thing because we always strive to deliver the best possible client experience and outcomes. But we want to make it great, even more outstanding.

Our Passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

2018 is well and truly started and our passion for providing our clients with control over your own health, and choices about what you do has increased. We continue to see efforts to close down discussion on alternative health treatments and suppress your options for care. We oppose this suppression on principle because we believe that our clients are intelligent and aware enough to make informed decisions themselves…

TCM has a very long history of contributing to people’s health and well-being. Here at BnH we are a TCM only clinic. We absolutely recognise that there are other modalities of supporting your health, but we are not tempted to try and become a one-stop shop for all of these.

What makes Bing’s Natural Health so unique is our team of expert practitioners who are committed to increasing their own knowledge, documenting their experience and outcomes, and sharing that knowledge with others (both at our team education days, and outside the clinic). While we always maintain the highest degree of client confidentiality during our regular Team Days, we discuss outcomes, progress, and innovations that can improve your experience.

We can proudly say that there is no other TCM clinic in Melbourne that has the same level of passion, knowledge, and cumulative experience in the totality of TCM than BnH.