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These gentle self-healing back exercises allow your body to stretch naturally and relieve the pressure on your discs and spinal cord that may cause back pain, as well as re-aligning your internal organs.

If you have general back pain, these back exercises and back relaxation techniques can be safely used for prevention, as well as relief. If you have disc problems we recommend you come in and see us first. Although these exercises may be useful for disc problems, modifications may be required to suit your individual situation.

Use exercises twice daily for best effect.


Prone Pelvic Relaxation


Lie on your stomach with 3 pillows under your chest and 3 under your ankles – let your pelvis sink naturally to the floor and stay there for 10-15 minutes.


Supine Spine Relaxation Technique

Supine Spine Relaxation Technique

Lie on your back with a high pillow under your shoulder, and another supporting your hips.

Clasp your hands around your knees and let your spine stretch naturally.


Diving – Lower Back Strength

Diving - Lower Back Strength

Once your back pain is gone, this is a wonderful exercise to strengthen and stretch your lower back.

Lie on your stomach with hands by your sides.

Arch your back by raising your head and feet then relax. Your goal is to build up to 10 repetitions – but don’t try to do them all the first day. This back exercise is more demanding than it looks.