Your baby’s energy meridians are not yet developed, so Traditional Chinese Medicine for babies focuses on stimulating key areas that will unblock the energy.

When energy is blocked it causes tension, and we all know how difficult it is to relax and fall asleep when we are tense. Since babies don’t have all the strategies adults to, and since they are very sensitive to any blockages, simple energy stimulation is often all it takes to calm your baby and help them sleep.

Palm Pressure Circles 

The illustration shows the area on the palm you want to massage.

Put a little massage oil on your finger. You want to apply a firm pressure on the palm (not tickling, but not too hard) and move your finger in quick, clockwise circles quite quickly (around 120 circles per minute).

Your goal is to trace 300 circles on each palm – about 2 ½ minutes per hand.

You can alternate between hands if your baby is restless.

This can be an almost magical experience as you watch baby relax and fall asleep easily and effortlessly.


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