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Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy continuously circulates or travels through the human body via twelve primary energy pathways or meridians. “Dis-ease” or problems develop when imbalances occur in these energy flows, with areas of too much(excess) or too little(deficient) energy.

Chinese medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis can be helpful to determine the energy balance in the meridians. Ideally, the body is in energetic balance or equilibrium with the proper movement of Qi energy.

There are various methods to re-balance these meridian energy flows and bring them into harmony with each other, including:-Meridian Therapy

  1. Acupuncture inserts needles into various points that lie along the meridians
  2. Acupressure applies pressure to regulate Qi energy
  3. Electro-acupuncture uses a weak electrical current
  4. Tracing the line of a meridian, with one or two fingers held closely together


Beauty is eternal

Beauty is eternal


The ancient silk road town of Dunghuang in North Western China, which is fed by water from glaciers.

“What is beautiful is a joy for all seasons, and a possession for all eternity.” – Oscar Wilde

Beauty… there are so many beautiful things in the world! And it’s extraordinary how fragile and fleeting many of them seem at first glance.

Flowers, sunrise and sunset, children … only have fleeting moments of extraordinary beauty. Even monuments like the Mogao Caves (and other UNESCO Sites) are fragile. They must be protected from the damage that their admirers do to them, even more than from detractors.

Yet, in another way their beauty is eternal. We don’t need to own something, or even to hold it … we don’t even need a photograph to bring joy to our hearts. The memory of beauty is eternal, and no-one can take that beauty from us unless we let them do so … which means it is ours forever, if we choose to hold onto it.

Unforgettable Adventures in China

Unforgettable Adventures in China

Last month I mentioned that I had been to my 30 year class reunion. What I didn’t mention, was that the night we arrived I fell off a ladder while re-arranging my mother’s kitchen cabinets early that morning and nearly didn’t attend the reunion at all!

You know how it is with jet lag … you wake up at unusual times and you are ready to get moving. Unfortunately, I managed to wake up my partner dramatically up with my fall. Anyway, despite feeling very stiff, sore and bruised I went along to the reunion that afternoon, and then, urged by my classmates took a trip to the hospital for an X-ray to make sure I hadn’t broken any ribs. … I hadn’t, but if my sister hadn’t been with me, and if she hadn’t known the head of the hospital as a non-local-resident I would never have been X-rayed at all. The whole experience provided great insight into the Chinese medical system.

In the end a friend helped me obtain an amazing plaster that draws out the toxins from bruises, and helps your body heal, although it wasn’t until I returned to Melbourne and used Guasha on the injury (with a new Guasha scraper I brought back with me for the clinic) that the aching and inflammation markedly reduced.

The rest of our trip was amazing! We visited Western China and enjoyed the different culture and food – sitting in an open square where tables, chairs, waiters, food, and live musicians magically appeared at dusk was fun. We were awed by the Mogao Caves with their 1500 year history of worship by merchants on the Silk Road who sought protection from God (soon to be closed to the public to preserve them for future generations).

We had some delicious food (like that in the photo) and I became a bit too adventurous … finishing my trip with a severe bout of food poisoning (I was told to be a bit cautious with that particular street vendor) and even some altitude sickness to remind me to be more careful in future.

It was wonderful seeing new sights, and being tourists in China, and fantastic to spend time with my sister who is doing so well that she’s about to have her last chemo treatment, and is planning to come for an extended visit to Melbourne with her husband.