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Acupuncture can be a very effective treatment to help keep you motivated as you overcome your addiction, whether it be cravings for cigarettes, alcohol, prescription/street drugs, or even sugar craving. For example, we have a special package of 10 acupuncture sessions to quit smoking (or other addictions) with acupuncture. We have practitioners who specialises in this area. We recommend that you ring the clinic first and speak to a practitioner to find out more about our treatments and discuss if you really want to make the commitment to quit. Because it is a very big commitment to change ingrained patterns. This means saying no to instant gratification and perhaps re-organising your whole life…. can you see yourself doing this?

To get healthy, you really have to value your health.

It is important for you to be genuinely committed to quitting and to really desire change, because this will dramatically increase your chances of success. Plenty of people may think that they want change, but their actions show that they don’t truly want to. Wanting it – really, truly desiring it – means accepting total responsibility for yourself and your actions, and bypassing  your own excuses and barriers. It’s all about really valuing your health and accepting that there may be/will be some hard work and discomfort to come.

Acupuncture has been shown to ease the cravings and relieve stress associated with withdrawal from an addiction.

So you believe that you can change?

What to expect in the treatment room


Your therapist will ask questions about your addictive habits, medical history and general health. This information helps your therapist formulate a treatment strategy to best assist your detoxification process, health and well-being, including the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol, which is described below.

Combination Treatment:

Other techniques that may be utilized during your session include moxibustion and cupping.   Chinese herbal formulas may also be prescribed for you to re-balance the body.

 What is the NADA protocol?

The NADA protocol consists of the insertion of five, small, fine, sterile stainless steel needles into the surface of the skin on specific sites in the outer ear. This has been shown to significantly decrease the craving for alcohol and drugs, and reduce the withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia and agitation.

What to expect after your acupuncture treatments?

After your acupuncture treatment, you may leave the clinic feeling relaxed and determined to quit. People treated with the NADA protocol often report an increased sense of well-being, feeling lighter, energised and more relaxed.

You may also notice other health issues improving during your treatment program (e.g. thirst, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, digestive problems, shortness of breath, restlessness, irritability).

The course of treatment

We require you to commit to a prepaid program of treatments to strengthen your resolve and support you on both physical and emotional levels, to ensure a higher success rate.

These treatments are claimable through your private health insurance, if you have the appropriate level of private health cover.

The first 2 weeks:

Intensive treatment and support through the withdrawal and detoxification period. These treatments include the NADA protocol, body points, and ear points that will need to be changed bi weekly.


The treatments are gradually reduced as your body becomes adapted to an addiction free state. This ensures your detoxification program is a supported experience throughout the 16 week treatment program.

Why Acupuncture?

Acupuncture can help you to relax, reducing the stress that leads to addictive behaviour.

Acupuncture can balance your body, helping you to detoxify and improve your general health.

Acupuncture can significantly reduce cravings, making it easier for you to overcome your addiction.

Acupuncture can also be used to help suppress your appetite, improve your mood, reduce depression and control your weight as you give up your addiction.

In between treatments, small pellets are taped to the acupuncture points on the ear. When a craving hits, gently pressing the pellets, stimulating the acupuncture points to calm the mind and ease the craving.

All of our practitioners are qualified, registered and private health fund claimable.