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Health Habits

Exercise and Food Therapy You know that when something becomes a habit, it takes very little effort to maintain it. So how are your health habits looking? Now that the festive season is over and kids are back in school most people breathe a sigh of relief and settle back into a routine. This is also a good time to dust […]

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Summer Heat

Symptoms and Treatments for Summer Heat

Many people find themselves feeling hot, heavy, lethargic and generally ‘blah’ in the summer heat, and they attribute that to the simple fact that the weather is hot. The truth is, those feelings aren’t a result of the heat, but a response to it by a body that is not functioning at its best. We’ve […]

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Coping With Summer Heat

Did you know that ‘summer heat’ is not just about the weather? Your internal sensation of heat has only a little to do with the temperature; it’s an internal manifestation of imbalance. You probably have experienced the sticky, muggy, groggy feeling of heat. You feel heavy, and if you walk into a warm room and […]

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