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Plan Ahead for a Healthy Pregnancy

– Nadia Gazzi When you plan ahead for a healthy pregnancy and make sure both partners are in optimal health, you give your unborn child the best possible start in life… and every one wants that, don’t they? Most couples fall into one of two groups: healthy couples who are not anticipating any difficulties falling […]

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Using the Abdomen for Diagnosis

 – by Alice Louey The abdomen provides a lot of information upon gentle palpation.  I use this when there are digestive, stress, energy, menstrual or fertility issues to identify specific areas that need treatment.  Treatment may involve a number of different modalities:  moxa,  cupping,  acupuncture,  shiatsu/acupressure releases,  and/or Chinese herbal formulas.   Temperature Variations: Most […]

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Celebrating each Baby!

Really, the baby pictures say it all! Healthy and happy babies. Since this month’s focus is on using Traditional Chinese Medicine to naturally promote and maintain the health of mother and baby through pregnancy and childbirth, we thought we’d showcase some of our delightful results. Traditional Chinese Medicine is drug free, gentle and very beneficial […]

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Mens Issues – Stress Cases and Mens Health

Stress sometimes seems like a catch all diagnosis for many mens issues. Let’s look at some real life presentations and solutions. Veijo was having trouble sleeping, seemed to catch every cold or virus that went around, was feeling really stressed and generally tired all the time. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) these are classic symptoms of […]

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