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When Practitioners Get Sick

Staff Spotlight – Vimala Kumar You probably know that there were (and still are) a lot of nasty bugs circulating around this winter and I caught one of them and suffered for 2 weeks. As a practitioner, I hate taking time off when I’m sick because it is very inconvenient for my clients. At the […]

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Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin Starts on the Inside!

Skin Health, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Food Therapy – Alice Louey Healthy Skin Starts on the Inside! Do you suffer from dry, itchy, patchy, or flushed skin? You can actually alleviate the symptoms with food. Winter Skin Stressors During winter many people notice that their skin is especially dry. This can be exacerbated when we […]

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winter foods

Winter Foods That Nourish and Energise

Traditional Chinese Medicine guides us to stay healthy all year long. You can stay healthier and prevent disease by eating in harmony with the different seasons. Foods become part of the body after being consumed – so you really are what you eat! Winter is the time to tonify your kidney energy by cooking food […]

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Why Use Chinese Herbal Medicine?

 – Alice Louey Chinese herbs are very different to vitamin supplementation! From ancient times, in both the East and the West, herbs were recognised as powerful sources of healing and wise medical practitioners sought to understand their dangers, benefits, and uses. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses herbs to treat specific symptoms and conditions as well […]

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