treatment results

Getting Better Treatment Results

Client Stories Why do some people get far better treatment results than others?  A Tale of Two Clients… Craig came to Bing’s Natural Health because he worked with Jenny, who had achieved great treatment results managing the unpleasant manifestations of stress, anxiety, and overwork. But after 4 months of treatment Craig quit, because although he […]

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How to Get the Most Out Of Your Treatment

The most important way to ensure that your treatment is effective is simply to turn up for your appointment … beyond that, here are some ways you can participate in getting the most out of every session. Eating:  It’s not terrible if you show up before you’ve eaten anything that day, but if you haven’t […]

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Serving You Better at our Clinic

  Four years ago, we moved into our current clinic in South Melbourne. They’ve been four happy, busy years for all of us and we’re grateful for all we’ve been able to do, and for your help in doing it. Now we’re ready to make some more improvements that will help us serve our clients […]

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Bowel Movements

Bowel Movements – slow and fast

Client Story 1 We all feel better when our bowel movements are emptying normally. How does Traditional Chinese Medicine help? Roger was working hard, eating healthy but irregular meals, and felt that his body was not eliminating waste as it should. He was aware of the build-up of toxins in his system and adding fibre […]

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