Chinese Herbal Medicine

Why Use Chinese Herbal Medicine?

 – Alice Louey Chinese herbs are very different to vitamin supplementation! From ancient times, in both the East and the West, herbs were recognised as powerful sources of healing and wise medical practitioners sought to understand their dangers, benefits, and uses. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses herbs to treat specific symptoms and conditions as well […]

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Holidays and Other Simple Pleasures

– Bing Qian   I was really looking forward to spending a week in Bali at a two-bedroom villa overlooking the beach with a friend during March. As you may have noticed our summer wasn’t really all that hot so I was anticipating consistent warmth, total relaxation, and being with my friend. She had gone […]

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Lessons From Rose-Breeding

It’s just after Valentine’s Day as I write this and the main photo is a Chinese Valentine bouquet. As you can see, the Chinese are an immensely practical people, and the bouquet also conveys an important truth – what we eat affects our health. An interesting Chinese cultural insight is that guests usually bring gifts […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Spleen Happy

Your spleen may be small, but it plays a critical part in your overall energy and sense of well-being, so it makes good sense to understand and nurture it! Signs of a Weak Spleen: One of the Spleen’s functions is to hold things in place. This includes muscles, organs and even blood. When your spleen […]

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