Eye Exercises

Eye Exercises to Strengthen Your Eyes

by Bing Qian These eye exercises used to be an essential part of every day at school and with the amount of time we all spend staring at screens our eyes need special care. Ideally you’d spend 10 minutes doing these eye exercises at least once each day, but 5 minutes is better than nothing. […]

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Liver Cleanse

7-Day Gentle Liver Cleanse

by Alice Louey Now that the festive season is over (including Chinese New Year) and everyone is back to their usual work or school routines after the holidays, it’s a good time to actively cleanse and detox our bodies.  Yes, your body does detox all the time via the normal biochemical processes of the liver […]

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Joy in the small things

by Bing Qian After a busy year focusing on others with work, travel, family health problems, Wayne spending time in South Australia with his dad, a visit from my sister with her family from China and lots of other smaller things… What a busy year!  I found myself depleted and rather short of energy and […]

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Detoxing DOES Make a Difference!

Client Story I’ve noticed that women are more open to the idea of detoxing than men. I think this is because women are more aware of their general health and they notice when they are feeling toxic after a period of over indulging. Jessie, an accountant in her mid-30s, came to me for her regular […]

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