Serving You Better at our Clinic

  Four years ago, we moved into our current clinic in South Melbourne. They’ve been four happy, busy years for all of us and we’re grateful for all we’ve been able to do, and for your help in doing it. Now we’re ready to make some more improvements that will help us serve our clients […]

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Bowel Movements

Bowel Movements – slow and fast

Client Story 1 We all feel better when our bowel movements are emptying normally. How does Traditional Chinese Medicine help? Roger was working hard, eating healthy but irregular meals, and felt that his body was not eliminating waste as it should. He was aware of the build-up of toxins in his system and adding fibre […]

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Poo, Poop, Stools and Bowel Movements

  Waste-full … or Not? We all do it, but it’s one of  those topics no one ever talks about… and when we do, we skip over it as quickly as possible. In this article, though, we’re going to take a quick look at poo – In fact, I suggest you do this quite literally, […]

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Eye Exercises

Eye Exercises to Strengthen Your Eyes

by Bing Qian These eye exercises used to be an essential part of every day at school and with the amount of time we all spend staring at screens our eyes need special care. Ideally you’d spend 10 minutes doing these eye exercises at least once each day, but 5 minutes is better than nothing. […]

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